Welcome at Damen Yachting

What is the best place to buy a Holland steel cruiser? How about Holland itself!!

Holland is worldwide known for her excellent knowledge and expertise in the boating industries, especially for steel cruisers.

We will bring your choice of yacht to your “doorstep”.

  • Kari Silvast           +358 40 04 91 623
  • Lambo de Boer    +358 44 95 38 353
  • Roy Damen           +31 30 23 22 020

This is how it’s works: we like to keep it simple! You choose one of our boats or we find a boat for you. You make a visit to Holland and check the boat. We agree about the conditions and take care of everything. Every inspection is allowed. When purchasing a yacht, we even refund your flight ticket.

If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to call one of us!

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